Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm Pretty.. Pretty Ugly..(Pure Imagination Mix)

Let me quote this:

"You can buy your hair if it won't grow
You can fix your nose if he says so
You can buy all the make up
That M.A.C. can make
But if you can't look inside you
Find out who am I to0
Be in the position to make me feel
So damn unpretty
I'll make you feel unpretty too..."
--Unpretty, TLC

Each one of us wants to be beautiful. People, in general, always admire--if not envy--those celebrities who have flawless skin, beautiful hair, unblemished face, perfect body, etc. Others would even seek for the assistance of 'Dr. Anesthesia-slash-Collagen-slash-et al' and ask him to make a total overhaul of their selves.

I, for instance, want to be 'diva-beautiful.' I like Mariah Carey's Legs, Beyonce Knowles' body and Paris Hilton's face. But, my wallet wouldn't let me see Dr. Anesthesia. Hmp!

I even dream of seeing myself in larger than life billboards, in CD covers, in magazines, in posters, everywhere! But, hey, I'm just Miss G.. A star waiting to be discovered. Hahaha..

And since in the past 27 years of my life, these talent managers haven't seen me yet. I created a world of my own. A world where every 'humanoids' loves, abhors--I mean--adores and fantasizes no one but moi.

You wanna see my beautiful world? Come. Be my guest.

In your world, you have a geek-looking Monalisa, which almost half of the earthlings adore. (And I don't even understand why)

But in my world, I have this:

(Gosh! I don't look like a geek, for sure, but I look funny! Hahaha!)

If you have Carmen Electra:

I have Carmella Erectra:

You said, Janet Jackson? This one?

Oh, What about this one?

Beyonce Knowles starred in Dreamgirls, right?

I starred in my own movie too, DreamWorks!

And yeah, you have Mariah Carey:

So what? I have this:

You want more? Here:

And here's mine:

Oops, sorry! Not that one! Here:

And did I tell you we really are that close? Here, take a look:

Taken during Puff's birthday! Gosh, she even copied my ensemble!

I told you we're close:

Look at her hands! She's ______ me! Hahaha..

Anyway, thank you for visiting my crazy little world! Come again sometime!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone (Updated)


Two adjectives that aptly describes how my high school life were like.

Joyful, because I made a lot of friends from 1986 till 1996. Friends whom I grew up with and learn to treasure.

Disheartening, because I was forced to leave my Alma Mater in the mid of 1996. I was actually kicked out because of successive tardiness and absences, which is quite plausible, because I'm residing in Cavite and my school was in Pasig. But things got out of hand, and before I knew it, I was kicked out. Whew! Life sometimes sucks, right?

Anyway, two days ago, my friend--Ana--visited me at home. After updating ourselves with our own boring lives, we talked about our favorite high school 'moments' and the whereabouts of our former classmates. Soon, we were rummaging's members files with high hopes of finding our former classmates. The search was really exhausting and tedious but worth the while.

And here's what we found out:
(Click the link to see their Friendster account)

Ma. Christine Denise Cristobal - is now
Denise Agustin and working as an animator, chef and designer at Thad Designs--a multi-purpose beading accessories. (I wonder what does she meant by 'multi-purpose'? Hmm, maybe at Thad Designs your beaded necklace can also be a rosary, or your beaded earrings can be used as a satellite. Hahaha, just kidding!)

Joycelyn Gabiaso - is now Joy Agustin, too! (Maybe they share the same husband! Hahaha..) Joy is now working at GMA-7 as a network satellite dish. Kidding aside, she's working at GMA-7's News and Public Affairs as a media practitioner. (Hmm, another Jessica Soho in the making?)

Eloisa Pulmares - is now Eloi Minorete. She was married to Kenneth Minorete (our former classmate too!) and now has three adorable kids. She's working as a manager at Ying-Ming Int. Corp., boutique owner of GEP Garments Manufacturing and a dog breeder. Quite a handful of jobs, isn't it?

Michelle Ann Vicencio - is also married, with two kids and working as a Diyosa at a Secret Company.
(That's what she said in her profile... Hehe..)

Myla Sibayan - is now Myles Angeles, married, working at Global/World Accounts Team NNR USA as a Western Region Global Accounts Assistant, and resides at San Francisco, CA.

Michelle Supan
- is now working as an encoder at MTX Therapy Services.

Rochelle Supan - is still single. That's all.. :)

Rommel Luna - is,
according to him, still cute. He is now a businessman, bar owner, f & b director. (I wonder what F&B stands for..) He is also affiliated with Powershift Corporation.

Edward Lorenzo - is now managing his own business and still single. That's all.. :)

Frederick Gonzales - is now a lady. He/She/It stands 5'8" with vital statistics 32-26-29 and oftentimes 34, depending if he/she/it wears padding around him/her/its hips. He/ She/It weighs 130 lbs. He/She/It spends him/her/its time chatting, surfing the net and viewing nude men at Xtube. Hahahaha..

Cyril Delos Reyes
- also known as 'Marzhmaloe' at Friendster. As of the moment, she restricted her profile from public viewing. Ang tarush! Hahaha.. That's all.. :)

Jeremy Jazul - is now married with three kids and working as an account executive. He is also a happy man, according to him. :)

Jermaine Cruz - is still single and was a former member of E-7--a band, group, I don't know. He is now a freelance vocalist, according to him too! :)

Richard Avelino - is still single (Kinda hard to believe, huh? Hahaha..) and works as a seaman.

Alvin Pisig - is now married and works as a Spiritual Advisor,
oops I mean, Service Advisor at Subaru - Motor Image Pilipinas Inc.

Regelyn Dizon - works at
Townsville Hockey Association in Australia as an Office Chair, hahaha, seriously, as an Office Assistant. :)

Maricel Vergara - is now working as a Physiotherapist at Birmingham, West Midlands, UK.

Michael Figueras - last log-in was two weeks ago. That's all. :)

Ana Sheryl Salangsang - is still single and working at ICT Group Marketing Services, Inc. as Customer Care Associate.

Christian Rodriguez - is still a Virgo. :)

Aileen Pamintuan - is still a girl. :)

Gladys Medina - is now Gladys Pentecostes. She is working at Taco Bell Restaurant in Kuwait as a Shift Manager and will come home later this year.

Cheryl Salabatino - (no friendster account) is still in Japan. That's all.

And moi? I'm into comedy bar hosting for the past 5 years. I have Artworks--a media publishing shop and a small retail store for business. I'm also into events coordination.

By the way, Giovani Miniano was burned into ashes years ago, so please, just call me 'Miss G'.. Hahaha..

Lastly, me and Ana are planning to have our reunion, if you know where to contact our other classmates, please drop me an email at

Click the picture to see in full view.

My Favorite Things Part I

First on my list is: My top 3 Favorite Janet Jackson Videos

#3- I Get Lonely

The promotional music video for "I Get Lonely" was directed by Paul Hunter and released in March 1998. There are two versions of this video; one for the original song and one for the BLACKstreet remix. The original video is available on the DVD, From Janet to Damita Jo: The Videos.

In 1998 Jackson performed this song on The Rosie O'Donnell Show and Soul Train. It was also included in concerts on Jackson's worldwide Velvet Rope tour, using the same choreography as in the music video. Though it was one of the more popular songs on the Velvet Rope tour, Jackson has not performed "I Get Lonely" live since that tour ended. (from Wikipedia)

#2- You Want This

The video was directed by Keir McFarlane. It starts with Jackson and friends sitting around a motel room talking. They decide to pack up their things and leave. While putting the bags in the cars, Jackson and her friends see two men getting dropped off at the motel. The girls line up in a row and Jackson performs the song to the men. After performing the song till the second verse, Jackson and her friends get into their cars and drive off. The girls drive down the road in their three cars. They decide to go back to the men, so they turn the cars and go. Jackson and her friends see the men walking down the side of the road and they decide to chase the men into the desert. In the desert, the girls in their cars circle the men and MC Lyte performs her rap verse, then Jackson and her friends get out the cars and perform a naughty dance routine for the men. Jackson and friends hop back into their cars and driving with Jackson leaving a smile.

The black and white version of the video is available on the VHS janet. The colored version is available on the bonus DVD packaged with the special edition of Jackson's All For You album. (from Wikipedia)

#1 - IF

The video, directed by Dominic Sena challenged notions of culture and sexuality in a highly stylised and imaginative presentation. Set in Japan, in an indeterminate future, Mixing ancient cultural references with cutting edge technology. The idea of voyeurism seems to be central to the many themes woven in and out. We see the patrons in their many guises from androgynous lesbians with painted mustaches, high class prostitutes and glamorous punks. In the middle of the main floor, Janet bursts onto the stage through bright red flowing fabrics to join her ensemble dancers who entertain the Japanese crowd with intricate dance routines and highly sexualized movements and lyrics involving Janet seducing an onlooker.

Throughout the video, different sub-plots unfold, including the brothel rooms throughout the club in which various couplings of poly-sexual persuasions, view each other through a network of web cams and monitors. This takes us to the end of the video which shows Janet's chosen target who is also viewing her through a screen being seduced and telling him about her wildest sexual fantasies. The climax confirms the idea of fantasy rather than fulfillment with the lyric "If I was your woman, the things I'd do to you....but I'm not".

To summarize, the narrative is a representation of a totally internal world in which fantasy and reality have no barriers. Janet celebrates the imagination as a tool for sexual adventure yet remains purely at a distance exploring the power suggestion and titillation. The video is very fast paced, blink and you will miss 90% of the real content almost like a video peepshow. Watch the video a few times in order to fully absorb the implications of ones woman's erotic journey. (from Wikipedia again)

A Diva's Story

A slide show I created for my birthday last February 3. Enjoy!

Commercial Success

Miss G, Bubbles, Chosday and Diwata joined forces in endorsing the New Pantene Shampoo.

...and this is the current theme of my phone. Sassy, isn't it?


One of the many things that made my trip to Baguio memorable was when I met three of the craziest hosts ever! Our adventure was the best I've ever done in my entire life!

Diwata, Chosday and Bubbles made my stay worthwhile!

Diwata a.k.a. Eh Eh Eh - is the most appealing in the group. She had 2 boyfriends. One is Robbie (I've seen his picture and OMG! He's so good-looking!). They're going steady for 11 years now. And the other is Daniel, who is her boyfriend for 4 months now. Daniel gave her a house and monthly allowance! (Hard to believe but it's true! Tangna'ng mukha yan, ang bagsik noh?! Hehehe..)

a.k.a Ber Ber - is the craziest among us. She has no steady boyfriend as of the moment but has numerous flings everywhere. She has four in Olongapo, two in Baguio, six in Bulacan and 5,458,224,316,964 everywhere! Hehehe.. Just kidding!

Bubbles a.k.a. Dilemma (please don't ask me why.) - is most lovely in the group. Do you wanna know why?

"Ladies and gentlemen before I answer that question, I would like you to know that this half-girl/half-mammal had undergone three mechanic-overhaul and was injected with 4 gallons of female hormones in the past year. Ladies and gentlemen, the answer: PIONG"


Here is our:

"Top 5 Favorite Things"

5. Guy-hopping in Session Road-slash-Burnham Park (Ber Ber!)

4. Buying "budget meal servicemen" at Chowking

3. Drinking Grand Mama (in our apartment)

2. Making video scandals (also in our apartment)

1. Shouting "D'4th Comedy Bar!"

Silent Hill feat. Sadako

For some reasons I can't explain, the apartment (located at Leonila Hill Road 2) made us feel uneasy and scared. It's as if someone's staring at you specially when you're alone. I just shrugged the thought of it, and made myself comfortable.

After resting for a couple of hours, we made ourselves ready for our first show. I took some pictures of myself in our room and then left for work.

In the middle of the show, my co-host--Cookie--borrowed my phone. After a couple of minutes, she approached me and said,

"Nakita mo na 'to?" (Have you seen this already?)

I looked at it and..



A ghost appeared behind me!

Scary! An apparition at 5:00 pm. Early bird, huh?!

Baguio Escapade

I, together with my friend Xena and his boyfriend Jonas, left Manila on February 13 at exactly 4:00am riding a Victory Liner bus. Before we got in, we bought snacks and siopao to munch on the trip. Unfortunately, the saleswoman forgot to give me my siopao. (huhuhu..)

Anyway, while on the road, I listened to some of my favorite songs to keep me awake because I wanna see how nature will unfold itself upon me as the first ray of sunlight appears. I had my first glimpse of nature at around 6:34 am in Tarlac. The view was breathtaking, I must say.

After seeing some beautiful parts of Tarlac, I finally dozed off to sleep and were awaken by the beauty of Baguio!

As soon as we reached the bus terminal, we were ushered to the taxi terminal that were waiting for passengers. Several coordinators lined up in the waiting shed nearby offering various types of accommodations. We eventually hailed a taxi parked nearby and went to our apartment.

And that's a different story.

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