Friday, May 22, 2009

The Greatest

Love... Love.. Love.

The POWER of LOVE...

L-O-V-E is indeed immeasurable. It can bring out the best in us, and sometimes, the worst in us. Yeah, it happens... It can either make us or break us, so to speak..

I can still vividly remember how LOVE breaks the bond of friendship I used to treasure. It saddens me, even sounds tragic for me. But as I think of it, the foundation that you build between your friends plays a big part. Why? Because I think the foundation is puny.

Love is BLIND...

This is sooooo true! We can all relate to this one, right? Sometimes in our life we experienced how love makes us "blind".. We can clearly see the flaws, but we act as if we didn't notice. We see the unjust treatment, but we act nonchalant about it. Why? Because, we have high hopes that the person will change, that we can make that person CHANGE. But, in reality, we can never change that person. It will take great amount of effort to make a person change. But no matter how hard you try, IF THAT PERSON IS NOT WILLING TO CHANGE FOR THE BETTER--even if we keep crossing our fingers forever,--it's useless..

We are so consumed with our emotions, that we often lose ourselves in it..

If you're in love right at this very moment, look in front of the mirror and see if you're still the same person as you used to be, before you meet that person.

Ask yourself.

What have I become because of this person?

Are you REALLY happy with that person?

Is it all worth it?