Thursday, May 3, 2007

Crushed Effect

Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees

J.E. Sison, Philippine Actor

Once or several times in our life we experienced what it's like to have a crush on someone. There are a lot of things that causes this attraction, some times it's their physical appearance or their attitude, or even the way they carry their selves. They always had an effect on us that seemed inevitable. We don't wanna be too obvious but our inner self does otherwise.

The "palpitation effect" happens every time we see them. The "blushing effect" every time they hold our hands. The "perspiration effect" every time they stare at us intently. And of course, the "trembling-knee effect" they left us every time we had a conversation with them.

Hmm, I know you disagree. I know it varies from person to person, okay?

Anyway, we often see these people in school, at work and sometimes in public places and even public transportations.

In my case, (and I don't know why) I always see them in public vehicles. Strangers I met once and had fallen for their enamored smiles and enchanting faces. And crazy of me you might think, but if I had a chance, I took some pictures of them secretly. Hahaha. Outrageous but it's true!

Here are some:

This guy is a real hottie! I kept taking pictures of him until I finally had a shot of his face! Hahaha.. It's real hard because he is in front of me! Hahaha..

This one is a guy I also met in a bus. He's so cute and I can't stop myself staring at him! Delicious! Hahaha..

This guy is my neighbor. We're not close that's why I secretly took pictures of him, too! Hahaha..

Next is those good-looking guys I found on and If at any chance, you know them. Please, tell them I like them! And I want to make it clear that I ain't a stalker, alright?! I just fancy them, that's all.

Hmm.. Delicioso!

They're gorgeous, aren't they?

Haayy.. **faints**

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Dove film: Evolution

Do you believe that our perception for real beauty is distorted?

Dove does and so do I.

Last year, Dove released a short film titled, "Evolution," that tackles about how "our perception for real beauty is distorted." It shows how people are so thirsty about perfect beauty. It's kind of disheartening to know that what we see on TV, News and Magazines are all the contributing factors as to why most of the women of the world felt uncomfortable with themselves. Their self-confidence continue diminishing every time they saw envious, and almost perfect beauty that we can all see on TV, on magazines and on billboards.

Evolution is a short film, with a very profound meaning.

To understand more, watch this film:

Sad but it's true.

Anyway, I don't want you to leave my blog with a heavy heart. So, to lift your spirit, watch this:

Now that's what distortion is all about! Hahahaha..

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Top 10 Celebrity Divas

My idol, Mariah Carey has done it again. She topped the charts one more time! But this time, RIAA has nothing to do with it; it wasn't about the records sold or even singles that went to #1.

Evidently, Mariah is really, really incomparable! Read on to know more about the:


Getting the star treatment isn't as easy as it sounds if these ten spoiled celebs are any indication. The only thing worse than their towering expectations is knowing that there are people out there willing to meet them.

10. Linda Evangelista

St. Catherine's rose earned her diva badge in 1990 with the famous Vogue quote, "We have this expression, Christy [Turlington] and I: We don't wake up for less than $10,000 a day." It's been dubbed the "Let them eat cake" of the 20Th century and though Linda's apologized, living it down isn't gonna happen. Though she's proven that she is capable of shirking her sheets for - gasp! - nothing! - having lent her famous face to M.A.C's Viva Glam campaign to fight AIDS, the fantasy of being too beautiful to work is too good to ruin.

9. Marcia Cross
Blame the red bathing suit for fueling the early feud rumors on the set of Desperate Housewives. Teri Hatcher snatched the flattering swim wear at a Vanity Fair photo shoot, even though a rep for ABC had insisted the Lois and Clark star not choose her outfit first. But it was when Teri wound up in the center of a photo that Marcia diva-ed the eff out, storming off the set and leaving Teri crying into her cellphone. Children in Africa sent their sympathies.

8. Star Jones

The former View host shamelessly name-checked sponsors of her wedding live on the chat fest, simultaneously churning stomachs and grabbing ratings. The garish affair found Star wearing a 27 foot, crystal studded veil that required an army of seven to carry it and ended with goodie-bags for the guests stuffed with everything from jewels to Nintendo games. It was like the Super Sweet 16 of weddings.

7. Kanye West

This guy's music is OK. He's no Charo, but he's OK. So when he says he's the "greatest", it's outrageous, but confidence is cool as long as its not too annoying. However, the line into too annoying was definitely leap over at the 2006 MTV Europe Music Award when he lost the Best Video award and took to the stage anyway, just to bitch. Judi Dench, take note. The Oscars could use this kind of attitude.

6. Naomi Campbell

The assaults, all seven of them, are bad enough, but her persecution of Tyra Banks is inexcusable. Tyra told gay magazine Instinct that an unnamed model "tormented" her throughout her career, once telling her backstage that, "You're not sh-t and I'm going to kick your ass." Was Naomi the heinous one? Well, Tyra did interview Naomi about the years of catwalk cruelty the temperamental one inflicted on her.

5. Diana Ross

Apparently the long-lasting singer's precious feet will only touch carpet backstage at her concerts, but now that she's playing the casino circuit she's probably had to amend that request. One legendary tale describes Diana ordering the words "Sheena Easton appearing in two weeks" be stricken from a sign announcing the ex-Supremes' show. She also tans while wearing cucumbers on her eyes, which is how we imagine retirement.

4. Jennifer Lopez

She always looks so sweet, but too many people have said that Jennifer Lopez is horrendous to work with. One source who worked with her in the recording studio said her list of demands included light bulbs of a specific wattage, positioned just so, and fresh baked Cuban bread pulled right from the oven. So if a J.Lo: Buns perfume comes out, you'll know why.

3. Elizabeth Taylor

In case the fortune in jewels didn't already tip you off that this legendary actress likes to pour on the diva-ttude, try working with her. Dominick Dune wrote in Vanity Fair about working with her on the film Ash Wednesday. "She walked onto the set three hours late, with a hundred extras waiting in evening clothes and Henry Fonda fuming off to the side," he wrote. Did Liz get a stern talking to? Nope. It was business as usual, since everyone was too scared of the legendary Liz to say boo about it.

2. Barbra Streisand

When you have your film sets designed to highlight the left side of your face, you might be a diva. When the famous singer appeared on The Rosie O'Donnell Show in the '90s, much to Rosie's hyperventilation, the set was flipped so that the buttery chanteuse would be filmed from her left side. That's probably the deal breaker for why she never did Maxim.

1. Mariah Carey

The diva-maniac may be improving her attitude. After all, she did fly coach to the set of her indie film "Tennessee". On the other hand, she did make sure the stench of commoners didn't ruin the flight by booking out the entire section. When performing in Toronto, she put the entire show on hold when she spotted a hole in the stage she described as the size of a high-heel point. But nothing can compare to the welcome wagon she demanded upon arriving at an English hotel: red carpet and white candles. Though it was 2 in the morning, Mariah wouldn't leave her limo until the arrangements had been made.


Now, that's what you call a real diva! Hahaha!